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Who We Are

Our focus is simple. We help folks by speeding up and simplifying selling their home.

What Do We DO?

We solve problems.

Does this describe you? 

I need to sell my house right now.

I need cash fast.

My house needs too many repairs.

I can't afford my mortgage.

I don't have the time to deal with cleaning.

I don't want strangers coming through my house.

I don't want to manage tenants anymore.

I have a vacant house out of state. 

I don't want to pay commissions and fees.

We can help!


We aspire to be a company that helps folks within our communities. 


  • INTEGRITY: We conduct ourselves according to the highest ethical standards. We demonstrate honesty and fairness in our decisions and actions.

  • COURAGE: We make decisions in the best interests of our clients and act to support them, even when faced with adversity because of our positions.

  • RESPECT: We treat people with dignity and respect; we actively defend vulnerable people.

  • HUMILITY. We remain mindful that success is built on others' contributions; we are quick to share credit and celebrate triumphs. 

  • CHARITY. We are passionate about helping those in need.

  • QUALITY: We strive to institutionalize excellence in our methods. We, learn from failures and adopt best practices for meeting our lofty expectations.


Exceptional People. Extraordinary Results.

Gwen Ford Founding and Managing Member


Co-Founder and Manager

Our founder is an exceptionally personable leader and a strong business woman. She grew Chelsea Landholdings from an idea into reality through hardwork and determination.

Shelly Ford Co-Founder



As well as being a partner in business ownership, Shelly is one of our contact professionals, reaching out to make offers and speak to people looking to sell their homes.

Maegan Ford Co-Owner and Acquisition Specialist


Co-Owner and Acquisition Specialist

With an education in real estate, development and finance, Maegan works to further the company's growth through property acquisitions and careful evaluation of prospective investments. 

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